Options & Accessories

Roof Vents - $325.00ea.

  • What a great way to get more ventilation and light into your crate.
  • Our roof vents are window panels welded into the top of the crate.
  • Many new cars have A/C vents in the roof of the cargo area. Great way to send some cool air directly to your dog.

Sprayed Insides - start @ $395.00 ea.

  • Have the inside walls of your crate sprayed with bed liner.
  • If you have a light colored dog that's super active in the crate, this is a great option.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bowls - Deep stainless steel water bowl and holder come standard with every crate.
  • Spare Water Bowls without holder available for $20.00

Leash Hooks - $45.00 ea.

  • Have your leash ready every time.
  • Our leash hooks are stylish and sturdy.
  • Don't get caught fumbling.

Extra Doors - start @ $590.00 end door

  • Whether it's for safety or convenience, adding another door to your crate is a great option.
  • Lots of people worry about getting hit from the rear and being unable to get their dogs out.
  • This can also make a single crate very versatile with an end and side door option.
  • Side door option - start @$690.00.

Angled Front or Back - $395.00ea.

  • Sometimes keeping the back seats up requires some very custom stuff to make sure the dog fits.
  • We use the latest scanner technology to allow us to build a crate setup that fits like a glove.
  • SUV's have cargo areas with many different shapes. We can build a crate setup to fit yours.

Angled Sides - $250.00ea.

  • Most SUV's have very curvy hatch openings. Angled sides allow you to have ample floor space for your dog.
  • This picture also shows ventilation above the window on an extra tall crate.
  • Plus it has a rear door for safety.

Double Windows - start @ $750.00

  • We call it maximum ventilation.
  • Since safety is the utmost concern for you, we design a crate with enough reinforced framework to provide the structural integrity required to take a crash.
  • Double windows can be added to one, or all four sides of a crate.

Custom Colors - start @ $599.00

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  • Match your crate to your car.
  • We can powder coat your crate setup to match just about any color.
  • This is the ultimate in style.

Lower Equipment Boxes

  • If you have a dog, you have gear. We know that because we are dog people.
  • Our equipment boxes are double wall for maximum strength and we use super heavy duty drawer slides. Load it down, we don't care.
  • Drawers can be set up to use a padlock or our rotary style key lock.

Upper Storage Units - start @ $450.00ea.

  • This is a great idea for carrying all kinds of stuff. Makes for easy access as you can see everything.
  • Upper storage is a great idea with or without an equipment box.

D-Rings - $140.00(four)

  • Want to tie it down. We have the answer.
  • We weld these on so that they can't come loose. I hate things that rattle.
  • These can be added to single crates and multi dog setups.