Custom Police K9

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L.A. County

  • This is a monster unit that we built for a department that has lots of gear. The crate exits through the rear passenger door.
  • All four drawers are 47" long and have full extension slides.
  • Even some bulk storage behind the crate.

Custom K9 Extreme

  • If your department said to get what you want, then dream it up and tell us.
  • We can make the crate bigger, smaller, rear door, you name it.
  • This unit has a shorter crate and taller lower box that allowed us to add the rotary latches to the lower box.

More Monster Storage

  • Huge 48" long lower equipment box with rotary latches.
  • Smaller double dog setup latched to the top.
  • Leash hooks to hang collars, leads, etc.

Crime Fighter

  • Lots of drawers. No other way to describe it.
  • The drawer on the top right is 18" wide, 35" long, and 13" tall.
  • All drawers are lockable. All drawers are sprayed with bed liner inside to seal them up. Dividers are standard. We can customize it anyway you like.

2/3 Inserts

  • Add a rear door to your 2/3 insert.
  • Add some storage. This is a single drawer that fits behind the rear passenger seat.
  • Our two drawer side boxes fit here as well.


  • This setup will fit in a lot of SUV's.
  • Holds a single dog plus a large drawer for gear.
  • These units can be powder coated black.

Swat Van

  • They dreamed it, we built it.
  • How many dogs? What configuration?
  • Talk to us. We know dogs, we know storage, and we know how to build it. Sprinters, Ford Transits, and Dodge ProMasters are becoming very popular for K9 Swat teams. They can be setup with multiple crates and a vast amount of storage.

Custom Dividers

  • Most drawer units come with a standard set of dividers.
  • We can customize them to fit your needs.
  • Give us a call. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Pickup Trucks

  • Two dog setup.
  • Floor mount system.
  • Lots of ventilation.


  • Have two dogs and gear. This is it.
  • Most of these units are designed to fit behind the second row seat.
  • Two lower drawers on heavy duty slides. Easily move this unit from one vehicle to another.

SportMaster Extreme -Pickup

  • Two dog setup.
  • Oversize lower equipment box with our rotary latches.
  • Crates and drawers keyed alike.

SportMaster Extreme - Minivan/SUV

  • Same unit as above designed to fit your SUV.
  • These things are super heavy duty.
  • They are built to last. Every component has been tested to take the punishment of everyday use.