Chevy Tahoe

Patrol Dog Insert - $3195.00

  • Ventilation on all sides. Units are completely welded and don't make a sound.
  • Includes front platform, non skid sprayed inside, & stainless water bucket.
  • Measures 48" x 25" x 32" tall. Easy installation - 2nd row out...insert in. Driver's seat goes ALL the way back. (add $449.00 for additional required rear platform for 2/3 insert)

K9 Special - $5,395.00  (2015-17)

  • This is the complete package. The crate is now angled to fit the new model Tahoe.
  • Crate measures 24"W, 36"L, and 28"T. Ample space for your K9 and your gear. (fits behind second row seat, or behind one our patrol dog inserts)
  • Pricing includes rear Tahoe platform. K9 Special for Tahoe's w/ cargo divider - $6195.00

K9 Extreme - $6,995.00

  • Add two more drawers to carry all your gear in a super organized setup. And still have room for a gear bag.
  • Crate measures 24"W x 36"L x 26"T. Includes our standard slide out pan and water bucket.
  • Side drawers lock with a key and lower drawers can be locked with a single padlock. (fits behind second row seat, or behind one of our patrol dog inserts)

K9 Eagle - $4199.00 (2015-17)

  • This is a great unit with a large single drawer for gear storage. Drawer and crate are keyed alike for easy use.
  • Crate is latched to mounted equipment box for easy removal for cleaning.
  • Pricing includes lower platform. (fits behind second row seat, or behind one of our patrol dog inserts)

Gear Commander - $5,795.00

  • This is what we call Storage. This unit can be used stand alone, or behind one of our Patrol Dog Inserts.
  • Fits behind your second row seats.
  • Large open storage area allows for gear bags, pelican cases, vests, or any other large equipment items.